Downloading FAQs
(Frequently Asked Questions)

"I love the recordings I hear on, and they could really help us learn the hymns. Can I download them? How do I do it, and how am I allowed to use the recordings?"

Yes, you can now download any of the song recordings on this site, FREE! Just RIGHT click (Ctrl + click on the MAC) on any "Listen" link, then from the menu click “Save As” or “Save Target As”. Choose a location to save the recording on your computer, as well as a file name (you may want to use the song title). You'll download an mp3 file of the exact recording you hear on our site. gives you permission to copy as many song recordings as you like from this site, and to make as many copies as you need. You may freely distribute copies to others for use in your ministry. Give recordings to other singers and musicians to help them learn the hymns. Use them however they can help communicate Jesus Christ. But the recordings may not be sold for any price or for any purpose, not even for cost or for a donation.

"I have Adobe Acrobat, but I still can't bring up the printed music pages. I click the link, and nothing happens."

The problem is likely your pop-up blocker. Many features on our site, including the printed music pages, come up as pop-up pages. When you click the printed music link, look at the line immediately above your viewing window. You may find a notice saying that a pop-up window has been blocked. Most pop-up blockers permit you to allow pop-ups on selected sites. We suggest you allow them on our site. We never use advertising, and our pop-ups always provide useful features.

“When I click the ‘printed music’ link, the music appears on the screen correctly. But when I try to print it, I only get squares and code, not notes.”

When the “Print” dialog box comes up, look for a setting called “Print as Image”. You may have to first click “Properties” or “Advanced”, depending on your printer. Check the option called “Print as Image”, then proceed to print. It should bypass your current difficulty and print the hymn correctly.